Commerical TV Mounting

Our professional commercial TV installation and TV mounting service team provides expert flat-screen television and monitor wall mounting and wiring services throughout Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Small and large commercial TV installation is our specialty. Being that we have been in the commercial TV installation and wall mounting industry for 14 years, we have encountered every TV mounting situation possible and can handle any commercial TV installation obstacle.

What kind of surface do you need your TV mounted to? Brick, drywall, concrete, stone, metal studs, no studs, wood, ceiling, corner, fireplace, indoor, outdoor…our commercial TV installation team does it all.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a surge in commercial TV installation in buildings with metal studs. Over 40% of commercial buildings are now being constructed with metal studs. In the past decade, over 500,000 homes have been built with metal studs. Why? Metal studs offer benefits over wooden studs.

Here are 6 reasons that builders use metal studs.

  1. Convenience
  2. Makes their job easier
  3. Stability Over Time
  4. Strength And Resistance To Winds
  5. Insect And Fire-Proof
  6. Lower Construction Costs

Our expert is stocked with heavy duty anchors, extended lag bolts, spacers, washers, tilt/full motion wall mounts and every tool needed to complete any commercial TV installation our TV mounting service team encounters. No rescheduling for additional hardware. No hidden charges. Simply schedule your commercial TV installation appointment and enjoy your new TV mount, sound system or streaming box immediately when we’re done.

Our commercial TV installation and TV mounting service is licensed and insured. We realize that TVs can always be replaced, no matter the cost. But lives can’t. Our biggest concern is the safety of the visitors and customers in your place of business at all times. An improperly installed TV or monitor can come loose from the wall and fall, causing fatal head injuries or even death to employees or customers! Our commercial TV installation technicians consider safety versus equipment costs. This mindset gives us a superior focus and attention to detail over your average TV wall mount installer.